A progress report that absolutely no one asked for

August 25, 2018 0 By SerBuckley

Every time I go online I see messages moaning about some guy being slow with getting his writing finished?

Naturally, I assume you are all talking about me.

Worry not kind friends, for I am working away at this here Grindstone, and projects are moving forward.

What? ‘MORE DETAILS!’ I hear you cry? Well, let it never be said I do not give my non-existent audience exactly what it silently demands.


The majority of my time is, as always, taken up with the editing of my novel and the editing of LARGE ASOIAF PROJECT (as I’ve taken to calling it on Twitter). These two are my darlings, the two venus fly traps in which I lay each hand daily.

I’d say the ASOIAF project has taken a slight lead of late, mainly due to the fact it is now so very close to the end. I have just today finished the editing of the third chapter. Now, there are about seven left to do, but these early ones were the few that really needed a lot of work. The last two have been essential rewrites and they still only took two weeks to get done, so I’m pretty hopeful for the rest.

Besides the fun writing part I have been left with a lot to do on the Bits N’ Bobs side. It’s included a lot of research, a lot of asking more intelligible┬ápeople than I for advice. Luckily, they all responded, and I have a much clearer idea of how to move forward.

As for actually announcing what LARGE ASOIAF PROJECT actually is and retiring that name forever, well that is also coming very soon! I’d like to at least have a majority of the editing done, and I am also waiting for something else to be ready so that the announcement can take place alongside it, with me doing my best Jack Donaghy impression while I whisper….’Synergy’… into everyone’s ear.

And yes, I do feel very big-headed and impolite even daring to think about ‘marketing strategies’ for something like my own writing. That’s just the British blood in my veins.


As for the novel writing, well I suppose that always exists as my overall ‘main’ focus. It’s not the book’s fault it is so humongous and takes ages to perfect. I might have had a part in that.

Still, in the past week, I was finally unable to untangle, at least partially, a mid-second-act knot that has been bothering me since the end of the first draft. Not all the issues have been solved, but I am confident that the two chapters I’ve rewritten as a result are far more interesting, memorable and streamlined. It’s been pointed out to me that my writing can get a bit preachy (Me? Preachy? Never!), so much of that has been cut away in the interest of a much more dynamic conversation.

I still have some reservations about this character’s midway arc, but it’s better than what it was. That’s all we can really ask.

My writing group are currently working way through their second ‘chunk’. These rewritten chapters will be in the third, so after this I will be returning to my own written notes on my print out version, so I can really start sweating to stay ahead of them.

And that, he says, should be the end of that.


I don’t believe I’ve mentioned to anyone before, but I am currently 40/50k into the first draft of another, separate novel. That one, unfortunately, has fallen by the wayside due to time constraints, but I was able to pen a key chapter in the summer. Something is always better than nothing, folks.

Let me say this…I cannot wait to be able to give this project some more attention. An insane amount of ideas for it are being stored in my brain, and if we can get bleary-eyed for just a sec…I think it’s a really cool story.


By the way, I should probably mention all these darling projects have taken just a little bit more neglect in the past week. The people that pay me have decided summer holidays should only be experienced in summer and asked that I return and do ‘work’?? This life is backwards.

Still, worry not unborn worryers. It just means I get to play Civ less.



I have been sending out some incredibly cryptic tweets about an upcoming project. One requiring a mic…

I know. The Riddler has nothing on me.

This one I’m just going to leave you to puzzle out. What I will say is that with a new, much more powerful laptop, said mic, and some very very interesting emails, I’m really looking forward to kicking this thing into gear.

(I do promise not to name it LARGE ASOIAF PROJECT 2)

I’ll be back very soon with more on this.


So there you go. No need to log on and ask ‘where is Winds?’ I’m right here, friend. And I still don’t really understand the nickname.


Speak soon, and all the best,