Behind the Trees Bonus Episode: I finally guested on a podcast!

November 29, 2018 0 By SerBuckley

Wow. That title sounds arrogant doesn’t it? What type of idiot wrote that?


Oh yeah. This one.


Unintended arrogance aside, it is true! The good folk of The Podcast That Drinks And Knows Things invited me over to join their latest episode last night. Sorry to disappoint arrogance lovers, but the ‘finally’ in this post’s title comes not from a self-indulgant belief that I have been unfairly shunned from the spotlight for all these years, but more simply that I actually tried to record with the guys on their last episode, before my car decided it wasn’t quite so ice-prepared as my imagination would have me believe.


Still, no harm (untrue. The car was quite damaged) no foul. We got there in the end. ‘There’ for me consisted of a way-too-short nap after work and a 1.30 am meet time. For those not in the know, The Podcast That Drinks and Knows Things is a podcast that A) knows things, and B) drinks. What they know specifically is the episode of Game of Thrones they concentrate on during each podcast episode. What they drink is lots.


Originally I had been invited on to join them for the episode concentrating on the Season 5 finale ‘Mother’s Mercy’. Mother Nature saw to me missing out on that one, meaning I actually wound up joining for Season 6, Episode 1 ‘The Red Woman’. Which is great, because I love Season 6, I’m always fascinated by season openers and finales, and regardless, I’d have been happy to join in with any episode because, quite frankly, I was just honoured to be asked.


It’s long past time I introduce just who I’m talking about. I was welcomed by Luke (, Glenn (, Ben ( and Abby ( who is the resident ‘first time Watcher on the Wall’. And a nicer group I couldn’t have had.


As I mentioned, I had until 1 AM to get myself ready. You would think that’d be enough time right? Well it was enough time to have a quick rewatch of the episode itself, an hour long nap, and juuuusttt long enough for me to completely forget that this thing was going out live.


That’s right dear friends, you have reached the Twiste de la dramatique of this post. Not only did I lose my virginity in terms of being invited onto a podcast, I also waved goodbye to my livestream innocence.


Hence, at roughly 1AM I was hastily scrambling round my house. I needed a table to but both my laptop and mic on. I needed a background that would not reveal how dirty Alfred had left the Bat-Cave. I needed alcohol!


I found a kitchen table, a stretch of bare wall we’ve only had to repaint once, and I found half a bottle of straight vodka plus a couple of beers that expired in mid-2017. It was a tough choice, but I went with the beers, and so far I have not gone blind.


Anyway, I made it. Ice and general forgetfullness were defeated, and I was able to have a great time with a great quadsome. Not only were they super nice in welcoming me but we had a lot of fun discussing a pretty cool episode. I’m a big fan of Season 6. Its faults are pretty brazen, but so are its highs. “The Red Woman” does suffer from Episode-one-itis, but that’s expected, and there is still a lot of very solid scenes to digest.


I hope you will find some time to watch or listen to the episode. The guys have really set themselves up well, and shown me I’ve still got a ways to go in this podcasting malarky, but having something to aim for is always helpful.


If you are super cool, go back and listen to all of the Drinks and Knows Things back catalogue, or join upto their live chat for the next episode (a really, really fun addition). It’s a brilliant way to watch back through the series, or to earn your cloak as a Watcher on the Wall.


My ultimate thanks to the guys. I can now say I’ve guested on a podcast, appeared on video, and gone live while doing it. All things I’d never thought I’d be able to say.


Here’s to the next time we figure out a time to work together!