Behind the Trees: Episode 2 with Jinx Lierre

Behind the Trees: Episode 2 with Jinx Lierre

February 26, 2019 3 By SerBuckley

Luckily, the trees have got me covered on this one.


See, the Isle of Faces is full of weirwoods. Weirwoods are vessels into the endless stream of time, where past, present, and future all become as equal as each other. Time stops meaning anything when all are available at once. So, really, is it any surprise this podcast is coming four months late?

That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it. It’s the trees’ fault.

But weirwoods aside, rejoice dear Green Men/Women/Pets. Episode 2 of the Isle of Faces podcast has arrived! No really, it’s true, I have a link and everything.

So, yes, it took nearly four months for me to get round to it, and my poor guest herself had to wait three to see the fruits of her labour, but it has arrived, and it’s a doozy. As I did before I wanted to put this short post up just detailing some of the behind the scenes stuff from how this episode came to be, and more importantly include some links that got mentioned during recording. (I will figure out how to do shownotes one day, I promise).

And who did that recording? Why Jinx Lierre, of course! Let me extend my most gracious of thanks to dear Jinx for giving up her time to record with me, waiting patiently for me to edit it all, and especially for being just a goddam interesting conversation. Now seems like a good time to start with that linking, so let’s begin with Jinx’s twitter page

Now, for anyone foolish enough to not already be aware of Jinx, let me mention now that she is both a sex worker and a rights activist (and much else besides), so right back when I began to plan for this episode I knew the conversation was going to turn down more serious roads than it had previously. That was a bit nerve-wracking if you’ll allow me to admit. We all worry about genuine interest or curiosity being mistaken for rudeness or ignorance. Of course, the best way to get over this hump is normally just to be confident with your questions. Thankfully, Jinx was more than adept at putting me at ease (I think the host is actually supposed to do that for the guest, but there we are) and letting the conversation flow. To be honest, and I think you can tell this when you listen to the episode, my role is comparatively small. This is a woman who knows what the fuck she is on about, and is damn passionate besides. There was no prompting and prodding from me, Jinx took us on a journey from introductions to the series, to sex work within Westeros, to how bad or tropey writing surrounding sex work can literally lead to violence or worse for those in the profession.

You are going to have to look for a while to find an interview that covers this many bases, and covers them so succintly. I have so much respect for everything Jinx is upto and her ability to convey it to us, and I have to thank her yet again.

Of course, what with there being so many different subjects to cover, and Jinx’s prospenity (I don’t think she will mind me saying this) for merging several answers into one question, this was a new challenge editing wise. I mean, the original recording clocked in at about two hours and forty minutes. Then Jinx got in touch wanting to add a few extras in. Super for the show, tougher for me. Now, I’m well aware this is a “My-Diamond-Shoes-Are-Too-Tight” situation. Would I rather not have Jinx and an easier time editing? No bloody way. A little rearrange then, a snip, a copy-and-paste, a monumental effort to make myself not sound like the dullest of all the Ents, and we’re laughing.

(Full disclosure: I was not aided by the fact that I basically forgot all of the little tips and tricks of working Audacity, especially those I needed right at the end. The ones with words like compression. Equalisation. Thrust Capicitors. And so on. But then, that type of thing will happen after three months off the job, so fair play)

Hard work yes, but pressing that publish button, and hearing that intro music in my ears…it is all worth it, man. Every time. And it just gets me more excited for the next two episodes.

You heard right! Episodes 3 and 4 are already recorded and in the can, so work is going to start on those very soon, and episode 4 has something extra in it too, because I am the most generous man to have ever lived and I do so enjoy spoiling you, my subjects. In many ways, I view you as my personal corgis.

But before that…LINKS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! (Nearly)

  • At the end of the episode Jinx mentions that she will be visiting Con of Thrones next July, so you can find out more about that here
  • (Incidentally, Isle of Faces alumni Matt & Scad of Davos Fingers will be at Ice and Fire con in April, so if you are in the mood for cons look no further)
  • Famed, and for good reason, here is Jinx’s appearance on Between Two Weirwoods on Sex Workers in Westeros
  • As Jinx tells us in detail, she joined in a roundtable discussion on SESTA/FOSTA at Dragon Con
  • Jinx gave us many many shout outs, but perhaps her top two were Haley Bowery of the Manimals, and of course Sanrixian and her wonderful art. (I’m pretty sure Sanrixian has received a shout out every time I have spoken to someone about this podcast btw)

I’m sure I will remember more in due time so don’t forget to check back. But for now my edit-weary fingers need a rest, I intend to actually close my eyes a couple of times in the next couple of days, and let’s just enjoy this episode.

But not for too long. 3 and 4 are coming people, 3 and 4 are coming.

Thanks to all of you for checking in, feel free to get involved or comment or shout, and hope to see you again next time!