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Hello I forgot a submission deadline

Back in June I was lucky enough to get three 100-word stories published in Black Hare Press’s ‘WORLDS’ edition of their Dark Drabbles anthologies. Seeing as that was such fun I thought I’d have another go with their next Dark Drabbles edition: ‘APOCOLYPSE’. I actually prepared two different 100-word stories, though the first probably didn’t…

By SerBuckley August 17, 2019 0

The Isle of Faces is now on Youtube!

Good afternoon all! In our everlasting mission to ensure the Isle of Faces grows and grows until it covers all of Westeros, we’ve started an Isle of Faces YouTube channel! You can find it here: Far be it from us to declare ourselves experts on this particular website by any stretch of the imagination,…

By SerBuckley June 4, 2019 0