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An ode to the Golden State Warriors

People, suspiciously in my opinion, seem to delight in the mighty being brought low. The Golden State Warriors, for the past five years, have brought a whole new meaning to the word mighty. In the last half a decade they have produced something we’ve never, ever witnessed on an NBA floor. The level of dominance,…

By SerBuckley June 17, 2019 0

Manu Ginobili: A Career of Passion

I feel a bit sick actually This was my internal thought at about 10.30 AM this morning. Roughly five minutes before delivering an hour-long presentation to our entire staff. Public speaking can often make people feel sick. But for me it was something else. I had just read a Whatsapp message that contained two things:…

By SerBuckley August 28, 2018 0

Jonathan Isaac was the rookie the Orlando Magic wanted.

Good evening and hello, Whenever I find time, usually weeks after being asked, I write about the Orlando Magic for Obviously, the NBA finals have already began, and the Magic weren’t exactly involved in the playoffs…or the playoffs race…or anything since deep winter anyway. Still, I managed to find space to jot down a…

By SerBuckley June 3, 2018 0