Dream achievement unlocked! Guest appearance on History of Westeros live stream

Dream achievement unlocked! Guest appearance on History of Westeros live stream

May 10, 2019 2 By SerBuckley

This past Wednesday I was incredibly lucky to guest on History of Westeros’ live book-to-show stream about Season 8, Episode 4 ‘The Last of the Starks’ of Game of Thrones.

I very much doubt I need to explain how prominent History of Westeros is within the ASOIAF fandom, so suffice to say I was honoured to be asked and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share some thoughts and laughs on Episode 4, as well as interacting with their legions of fans.

Not only was I able to talk with Aziz, but also regular guest Lady Gwyn of Radio Westeros, so I was really standing between giants here. I’ve been writing for History of Westeros for about two years now (wow that’s gone fast), but have been listening to both them and Radio Westeros for going on four now. They were my first introductions to the larger ASOIAF fandom so to be able to have a chat and be involved really was a big step up the mountain for me.

Very quickly I must also say that it is obvious both of these parties put absolute mountains of work into their product just by viewing or listening to the finished effort, but let me tell you as a man who has been behind the camera for a while now, they both do way way more than you would think. The amount of research and writing, prep and planning that goes into everything they provide us with would astound you. We are truly, truly lucky to have such people providing our fandom with such great content.

You can find the stream I appeared on right above and I, of course, encourage you to work your way both through the videos and casts of both History of Westeros and Radio Westeros.

History of Westeros Youtube channel



Radio Westeros Youtube Channel


It was a really fun episode where we battle the evil English rain, go very in-depth on Daenerys/Sansa, Jaime/Brienne and more, and Aziz also creates the now permanent phrase: “Good said.”

Hopefully I can join the guys again soon, they can visit the Isle of Faces, and at any rate there will be some more of my writing coming up in History of Westeros future episodes.

Needless to say, despite being until 5am after this, my jaw genuinely hurt yesterday from so much smiling.