Guest Apperance on Radio Westeros’ Trivia Episode

Guest Apperance on Radio Westeros’ Trivia Episode

July 13, 2019 0 By SerBuckley

Good morning everybody and I hope you are doing well on this eve of the weekend.

Just a quick note today, last week I was very, very lucky and asked to make a quick guest appearance on Radio Westeros for one of their superb trivia bonus episodes. Being a lover of trivia and, needless to say, Radio Westeros themselves, I was more than happy to hop aboard.

You can find the episode below and I think you’ll be able to tell quite quickly that it was a lot of fun to chat with Lady Gwyn again after both appearing on the History of Westeros live streams during Season 8, and also just to be asking these fifteen cool questions. Some were ‘softballs’ as termed by Lady Gwyn. Some were absolute bloody ball busters, as named by me.

But take a look, have a go at the quiz (no peeking!) and definitely let us know your scores! Best of luck and remember questions asked by me are worth double because my accent is much harder to understand.

An honour to join one of the two eldest podcasts I was aware of as a young ASOIAF fan, hopefully we can link up again soon.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Ser Buckley