Hello I forgot a submission deadline

August 17, 2019 0 By SerBuckley

Back in June I was lucky enough to get three 100-word stories published in Black Hare Press’s ‘WORLDS’ edition of their Dark Drabbles anthologies. Seeing as that was such fun I thought I’d have another go with their next Dark Drabbles edition: ‘APOCOLYPSE’.

I actually prepared two different 100-word stories, though the first probably didn’t fit the theme well enough. The second did though, I actually really liked it and spent a good while cutting it down from the original 300 words to the required 100.

Alas, I did all that about two or three weeks ago then promptly forgot about it until about 12 hours after the submission deadline passed.

There we go. Win some lose some. Will this perhaps teach me to not take on so many projects at once and organise my writing better?

I doubt it. Anyway, without further adieu here is my unfortunately neglected 100-word story: FINAL FARM



“Just take–!” The barbed wire closed over her face.

Jacque snatched the jar, slick with blood, turning as another wire lashed out. The thunder of the engines outdid his screams.

The wire tore into his thigh, bringing him down. His eardrums burst as the engines fired. The ship door was so close. Someone stood there, waving. Screaming.

Jacque gathered all that remained of him and threw the jar.

The shape caught it at the same time the wire entered his spine. Jacque took one last look before the barbs closed in.

Our last chance. Our last petals. Our last seed.