History of Westeros

The hugely successful folks at History of Westeros were kind enough to involve me in their writing progress last summer. Not only have I been lucky enough to pen my own podcast scripts for them but I also helped out with the writing for their TV-show-related podcasts for Season 7 (in which they have brilliant guests in Dancing Sean and Radio Westeros!)

It’s been not only widely helpful to me as a writer, to say nothing of how enjoyable it is, but also just an honour to work with the best in the biz. To me, they are the elder statesman of our fair community. Their back catalogue is about as deep as deep goes, so whether you have one free hour or a hundred, please check out their wide-ranging podcasts. 


Below are the podcasts I have helped write and worked on:


House Manderly: Part 1 – Blood of the Merling
















Game of Thrones: S07E03 – Book to Show, Show Only Review, & Predictions



Game of Thrones: S07E02 – Book to Show & Show Only Review



Game of Thrones: S7E01 – Book to Show & Show Only Review