How the turntables have…

April 8, 2018 0 By SerBuckley

Well, hello friends.

Is that the sound of dragons, heard through the night air for the first time in hundreds of years?


Possibly, but it is also the sound of this ole blog thumping soundly onto the ocean bed of the internet.  You, like me, may well be questioning why such an occurrence has…occurred.


Well, firstly, my name is Joe Buckley, also known as SerBuckley at times, and some among you will know that I have been trying my hand at writing fiction since my brain tried to explode around two years ago (Oh no, that’s not being explained here. I’m learning quick. Always leave them wanting more!), and this is just another step on that journey, a tool I hope to use in realising that dream.


Eventually, with all of nature’s good graces being willing, this may be a place where I can tell you about my book, or about the short stories I’ve penned whenever I get annoyed with said book. Or any of that kind of junk, really.


But that is far off in the mists of possible futures. In the more immediate, this site will serve as something I have experienced some success with. I intend to publish links to my essays on A Song of Ice and Fire, the podcasts I’ve been lucky enough to walk on, even my writing on the NBA. But of course, this isn’t just some kind of Link Museum (but if you are a fan of Zelda that suddenly does sound pretty cool).


There will be new essays, new articles, new reviews and all things of that nature. Because guess what, kids? Now I run the show. Yes, you thought my stuff was bad before? Now you get to see it without any outside editing forces. Oh, the laughs we shall have.


Allow my deluded and ultimately more powerful side to take over for a second. I hope this site will grow, I will learn what the hell I am doing, and I can have some cool little sections, even get a bit creative. And as I say…perhaps even bring up my writing.


For now, suffice to say, I’m glad you are here. I apologise for the mess. It will get better. I’m pretty sure it will get better. I will try to make it better.



Please, if you have tips, comments, ideas, creative insults or any and all The Office quotes then please send them my way. And together we can make the bottom of the internet a little better.


Do come in…don’t worry, you can keep your shoes on.


Joe (PS, here is a picture of the family dog to make you like me more)



It took five days before he consented to playing with the ball in the background