Isle of Faces Podcast: Episode 01- Davos Fingers

Isle of Faces Podcast: Episode 01- Davos Fingers

November 6, 2018 0 By SerBuckley

The trees are whispering. It can be heard across the land. Yes, you know the words…


Isle of Faces, episode 1, is here.


It is my deepest honour to present our first episode, and my heart swells with yet further pride to tell you my very first guests were none other than Scad and Matt of the esteemed Davos’ Fingers.



I know these two need no introduction, no doubt your ears have been sucking down their quality content for years, but I was lucky enough to be able to talk to them about they themselves for once: how they found the series, how they found love, how they found each other! (All three are related)


Much more importantly, I discover how Matt comes up with the POV jingles, which ASOIAF Scad really wants as a podcast partner, and of course, who gets to be the thumb???


I’ll shortly be posting a slightly longer article about how this all came to somehow miraculously past, but in the mean-time, I do have some immediate thanks to give. Firstly to Emilee, who created the amazing artwork you see above this. Her further work can be found at Do yourself a favour and check it out.


And of course, to the guys, for agreeing to take a flyer, for making the recording so fun, and for providing not just years of quality, friendly analysis of our favourite series, but for being genuinely interesting guys that it was a joy to find out more about.


I hope you all enjoy the following podcast. Remember, this is by our fandom, about our fandom, and for our fandom. If anyone has comments, tips, complaints or even wants to be involved in some way, please just let me know.


For now, come and have a stroll around our Island…