Season 8 Essays

Warning all ye who enter here: I loved Season 8, I truly did. So if you have come looking for anything other than overwhelming positivity, you may want to turn around now.

For those of you who stayed here are the many, many essays I wrote for Game of Thrones, Season 8. I’ve never enjoyed writing about a season as much as this one, so I am very proud to show these essays off

Episode 6: The Iron Throne

Legacies of Ice and Fire: How Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be remembered

Episode 5: The Bells

Seeds of a Fall: Why three Targaryens followed the same dark path

The Eve: Saying Goodbye to Game of Thrones

Episode 4: The Last of The Starks

Jon and Daenerys are being presented as two sides of the ‘Nature vs Nurture’ argument

How Episode 4 made me excited about a Iron Throne focused ending instead of a White Walker one

Episode 3: The Long Night

Forgive, Fight and Fall: How those who perished in ‘The Long Night’ tied into the theme of forgiveness

The battle against the dead HAS to have an emotional/psychological fallout

Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

We just had the best Tyrion episode in years. Allow me to explain

One last Watch, one last Wall, one Last Night- how a group of people came together to form the final Watch

Episode 1: Winterfell

We just had the nicest Game of Thrones episode ever…so we should all be terrified