Somebody out there likes me! (Or, I got some writing accepted for publication)

April 11, 2019 1 By SerBuckley

Well, how’s about that?


After three years, someone has said yes to me, finally.


Technically, my wife also said yes to me two years ago this month, but we are talking about stuff of importance here guys.

This week I was lucky enough to have three pieces of flash fiction accepted into the ‘Worlds- A Dark Drabbles Anthology’, anthology by Black Hare Press. It was quite the surprise to me as I’d never even tried my hand at flash fiction before (or been accepted for anything either).

I was given the heads-up on Worlds by a close friend in a writing group (He also got accepted- yay!) and honestly, I initially dismissed it. Like I said, flash fiction is not normally my bag. I fail pretty regularly at making short stories fit into 5000 words, so being told about stories of just 100? No thank you!

But then I figured, hey man, try some muesli. By which I mean, why not? On top of that the theme of ‘dark space/sci-fi’ was something I fancied having a go at. Being such a fan of Philip K Dick, who got me into writing shorts in the first place, it was interesting to make that connection.

So I messed around for an hour or so and bingo, three one-hundred word stories were good to go. I shoved them in my extremely supportive writing group for a quick check, and off we went!

‘Dark Drabbles’ will apparently be published sometime in June this year, at which point I’m sure I’ll do another blog post to remind you all. Even more excitingly, this acceptance also makes me eligible to submit to Black Hare Press’s larger anthology, for stories from 5k-10k words, which is much more my kind of speed.


The best part of all of this was that when I tweeted out I had finally been accepted for something I’d written, I received a whole bunch of likes and comments. It honestly blew my mind. If you happen to have been following my tweets, you will know that I’ve been trying to write (semi-seriously) for three years now, and never had anything truly published.

But now I can say I have, and it just makes me hungrier and hungrier for the next one.