The Isle of Faces is now on Youtube!

The Isle of Faces is now on Youtube!

June 4, 2019 0 By SerBuckley

Good afternoon all!

In our everlasting mission to ensure the Isle of Faces grows and grows until it covers all of Westeros, we’ve started an Isle of Faces YouTube channel! You can find it here:

Far be it from us to declare ourselves experts on this particular website by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re always willing to give things a go and try and learn something new. So Youtube will now hold all our regular, guest-filled podcasts plus the Season 8 minicast reviews.

On the channel you will find our entire current back catalogue and obviously new podcasts will be uploaded as they burst into creation. The question has come to us about making videos…I think we’ll keep practicing our podcraft first and get that to an acceptable level before trying that venture (But never say never!)

For now, take a look at our channel, which we’ll surely try and improve aesthetically as we go, and have a listen of our podcasts. Leave a comment, maybe subscribe, give us suggestions…all the things you’d usually do!

And of course, many thanks for your continued support!