Books…or book…or even that?

It depends when you believe something starts to exist?

On a screen?

Within the mind?

When you hold it in your hand?

Well so far, in terms of books or novels, I can’t claim the full set of those criteria.

But there is the one. The one I’ve been working on for nearly three years and have been editing for what seems even longer.

It’s the beginning spark for everything really. It’s why I started writing about ASOIAF, why I made a Twitter account, why you are visiting this here site. The as-yet-untitled (at least publicly) project is the hub that connects it all.


The Book itself

Like any other writer, talking about the actual book is very difficult, so I don’t want to get too into it, especially before I can actually show you.

For now: It is a light sci-fi…thriller…I guess you would call it, and I’m hoping it has some hard-hitting questions inside.

Anyway, forget that awkwardness. I am entering the final phase of editing (No, really…stop laughing!). I have one more set of notes to go through before I enter the dark and troubled land of QUERYING.

But more on that as it comes


As for further projects, let’s just say I’m not short of ideas. Even if I go well past my life expectancy, what I might be short on is time.

I have started work on the first draft of a new novel, which I’ve somehow managed to jot down 50,000 words for already. So hurray for me.

The dream is, of course, that one day this section is going to have a helluva lot more to show you