WORLDS: A Dark Drabbles Anthology now available!

WORLDS: A Dark Drabbles Anthology now available!

June 30, 2019 0 By SerBuckley

A very good morning to you all!

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago that I had finally had some of my very own fiction writing accepted for publication in an Anthology of 100-word stories based around dark tales of deep space.

This week, excitingly, the book released and I finally became, in some way at least, a published author! (Wowsers) Look, here it is!

As you can see the book contains myself and a whole bunch of other authors, some with just one story, some with as many as five! And I do want to give special mention to both R.J Hunt and Minette Fisher who have also been published in the book. I met both of these two early on in my writing journey and out of all the hundreds I’ve met throughout, it is these two alone who have been forged into honest, ‘real-life’ friendships. It is the first publication for them both also, so we have been very lucky to share in our pride together, especially as we found the anthology and submitted with eachother’s help.

As for my stories (one of which is the second on offer in the book, a true place of honour!) they number three, exactly one hundred words each and each have their particular darkness on show. The titles are as follows:

Unit 67

Mara’s Time


The book has done incredibly well during its first few days, cracking into some top 100 lists in Australia, the USA and other earth-based places. If you’d like to have a look at it you can do so here, or if you just want to give me a pat on the back I’d be quite happy about that too.

My own author copies are being shipped from the land down under, and I’m greatly looking forward to that so that I may surprise my mother and wife with a copy each.

While some might sniff at one hundred word stories and whether that constitutes any kind of celebration I humbly shout “TICKETY BOO!”. The way I see it, someone looked at something I wrote (Three things actually, if I say so myself) and thought that someone else would want to read it too. Something (three things) I wrote has been printed on actual paper that is being held by actual hands and read by actual eyes in numerous places around the world. Maybe this is a small step, but its a step that feels amazing and brilliant and wow. Here’s to other small and short stories, the whole novel, and many more besides.

All the love in the world to Black Hare Press, the publishers, and all their hard work. They’ve been very supportive and have really fostered a little community between the hundred-odd authors also published in this edition, as well as the many other anthologies they have printed or are currently working on. I hope I can submit and work with them again, because it’s been a hell of a ride.

I suppose I must finish on something well-thought out and crafted. Something that tells of my inner confidence and how I knew this would happen all along. Something elegant.